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Neobux vs. Clixsense - A Comparison of 2 Top PTC Programs

By Admin on 09/17/2014 01:20 PM


Today I wanted to compare and contrast 2 of the top PTC programs on the internet.

Pay per click

In Neobux, standard members get 0.001 per click, and they can make up to 0.01 per click on extended ads. For Clixsense, it is 0.001 to 0.005 per click, and they can make up to 0.02 for extended ads. Extended ads are the ones that show for 60 seconds or more.

What about referral clicks? In Neobux, you get 0.005 per referral click, whereas in Clixsense you get 0.008. Clearly, the per click rate for Clixsense is better, and this program wins in this category.

Tasks and surveys

Both programs let you complete tasks or surveys for the chance to make some extra money. They pay anywhere from 0.01 to a few dollars per task completed. You get NeoPoints or NeoCoins for each task you complete, and those points can be used for various things to enhance your account.

Some offers will credit immediately, while others may take up to a few days.

Levels of Referrals

Neobux allows you to have 1 level of direct referrals and 1 level of rented referrals. In Clixsense, you can make commissions off of 8 levels. Note, you only get referral clicks on your 1st level. You do not get referra clicks below the 1st level. If someone in your downline upgrades to a premium membership, you make $2 off your 1st level and $1 for every other level.

Rented referrals

Only Neobux allows you to rent referrals, Clixsense does not have this feature.

Browser toolbars

Both PTC programs have the option of letting you install a toolbar, with the purpose of letting you see ads throughout the day that you would've normally missed. They both work the same way - as you are browsing the internet, you will see if ads are available, and you can click on the toolbar to login and view the ad.


Both programs have forums that are strictly moderated and spam free. You can post payment proofs, tell your success stories, or ask a question to other members.

Payment procedures

The payment system varies between these 2 programs. In Neobux, the minimum cashout is $2. And for every cashout after that, the threshold increases by $1 until you reach $10. After that, every payment threshold is $10. For example, your payments may look like this: $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10, $10, $10...

All payments are instant - there is no wait time whatsoever.

In Clixsense, the threshold for standard members is $8, and for upgraded members is $6. All payments are made on Monday afternoons, it doesn't matter when you cashout.

That is my comparison of Neobux and Clixsense. Hopefully this post shed some light on the differences and similiarities between the top 2 PTC's in the industry, and help you make a decision as to which one to join.


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