Is Neobux a Scam or Not? Is it a Legit PTC?

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Is Neobux a scam or not? In this post I want to give you some facts about Neobux so that you can make your own decision. So far I've had no problems with Neobux as of yet, nothing major anyway. But I want to give some facts as well as my own opinion about this PTC.Neobux certainly has a large user base and many, many supporters. However, there are a handfulof people who've consider a scam, due to bad experiences, lack of money, or whatever the reason is. The fact is that there are many people who says it's a scam and the sheernumber of these people is so large it cannot be ignored.

Here are some facts about Neobux:

  • To date, Neobux has 3,000,000+ members registered on the site. According to the Neobux admin, roughly 80,000 to 100,000 people log in to their site everyday.
  • Neobux has been online since 2008 and has paid $50 million to their members
  • It is one of the few PTC's that pay instantly - and by that I mean immediately, once you cashout you receive the money in your paypal or alertpay within seconds
  • There are payment proofs all over the internet, proving Neobux's legitimacy

There is no doubt about it. There are payment proofs all over the internet - they are very easy to find.

From what you can see, Neobux has a solid business with a good reputation. With a $2.00 cashoutlimit and instant cashouts, it is definately not a scam, but one of the best PTC's that'sleading the industry.

However, there is a dark side to Neobux that most people don't know about, unless if you'reone of the "victims" of Neobux, then you know about it first hand. I mentioned that there area handful of people who hate Neobux. Here are some of the complaints we see over and over:

  • Neobux is rumored to use "bots" as rented referrals
  • They ban innocent people who did not try to cheat
  • Standard members make only 0.001 per click, a major change they made in 2011, making many people angry and frustrated

Are Neobux referrals bots?

When we rent referrals the problem is we expect too much of them. We expect them to be clicking machines, but in reality, they are humans just like us. If a referral has a strange behavior pattern, people think that it's a bot and start accusing Neobux for renting out bots. We are human too, and we are not perfect. We sometimes don't feel like logging into our account and clicking on ads. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes are we busy with life. Just because a referral has an erratic clicking pattern doesn't make it a bot.

"But my referral used to click a lot. Now it stopped clicking completely. Isn't that a bot?"

Not necesarily. Remember that we are human, and humans have a chaotic and unpredicable nature. Most people who join PTC's fail - they don't see the money and quit Neobux after a few weeks. So it is completely reasonable to expect referrals to stop clicking after some time. That is the way things are and there is nothing you can do to control that. Just keep recycling until you get some good referrals.

Also consider the fact that 99% of your rented referrals are standard members. They earn only 0.001 per click, which is very low. That's why many will quit before they see success.

Renting for Golden members is a pain in the ass. If you are golden, then you know what I mean. You can only rent referrals once a week and only during a certain time of day. You set the time of day in your account settings - you can choose 2 specific times - for example, 1:00 and 2:00 pm. All other times you cannot rent due the limited number of referrals available. Think about it, if Neobux is using bots, wouldn't they just let you rent any time you want, instead of placing all these restrictions?

Are they banning innocent people?

Many of our subscribers have contacted us after being unjustly banned by Neobux. I don't have enough information to decide if Neobux is right or wrong for doing so. But I can give you some basic rules on what to do. Neobux is extra strict with rules, so make sure you follow them.

Do not make more than 1 account per computer. Doing so will get you banned right away, so don't even think about it, it's not worth it. Also, do not go to a friend's computer to log in to your account. Doing so might get both you and your friend banned. If you are not able to click ads from your own computer I suggest you skip clicking for that day, it's better than getting banned.

Why do standard members earn so low?

Sometime in early 2011, Neobux gave us a slap on the face, reducing the earnings rate to 0.001 per click. Many people speculate this is because Neobux is running out of money, so they need to protect themselves but giving people less money. Whether that is true or not is yet to be determined.

But one thing is for sure. This is a bad move by Neobux, because it makes people angry and lose their trust in the site. Basically what they're saying is "you must upgrade and if you don't you will make almost nothing" - as a result a lot of people left the site. You may think this doesn't affect goldens and ultimates, but you are wrong. A lot of standards stop clicking, which is troubling because many of our rented referrals are standard members. If they stop clicking it means other people are earning less. So everyone is affected.

Suprisingly, the site has not gone downhill, but it is getting better and better. They have redeemed themselves by adding the new NeoPoints feature, as well as many other bonuses. Despite all these new improvements, the earnings rate has not improved. Although Neobux is getting better in terms of site usability, that drop in earnings left a sour taste in our mouths, a bitter feeling that will stay for a long, long time.

My experiences with Neobux

When I first joined Neobux back in 2010, I saw it as a way to earn money without having to spend any money. I was clicking diligently everyday so eventually I could rent referrals and earn more money on auto-pilot. I was very happy with their system - the look was professional, the site was fast, and their forums were very lively.

Although I always tell people not to spend money on these kinds of sites, I spent the money to get a golden account. It cost me $90, but every penny spent was worth it. With my new membership, I was able to double my earnings (0.005 per click to 0.01 per click) and I was cashing out left and right.

One time I faced a very strange problem, a problem I am sure that not too many people have. One of my direct referrals was my friend, and I knew his username and can check his activity at any time. But one day I checked my account and he was no longer in my list. I was wondering why, there were several possibilities. Neobux automatically deletes referrals that are not active for 60 days. So I assumed that my friend was inactive for that time, however that is not the case. I spoke to him and it turns out he is actively clicking everyday. He even showed me his account to confirm it.

So the big question is - why did my referral disappear? I know for sure I did not "accidentally" delete him. And he has been active every day. So where did he go? I was lost, so I decided to contact Neobux support, hoping they can shed some light on this problem. I contacted them twice and heard nothing back.

Is Neobux Legit?

So my conclusion is if you are stuck on something, their staff will not help you. If you need help, then good luck, because they don't care about you. They probably receive thousands of questions daily. So I understand they are a little busy. But I was stuck with a legit problem, and I was not able to get my problem solved, and lost a lot of potential revenue because of this.

In conclusion, I feel that Neobux is a safe place to earn a solid income online. They are not a scam, but rather, a legit and growing business. However, they can ban people without giving a reason, and if you have money in your balance, that's too bad, because it will all be gone. They can pretty much do whatever they want, so don't invest money in it if you do not feel comfortable giving someone else all the power. Neobux is jam packed with innovations and features - but if you need help, then good luck, you are not getting any. If you are fine with that then go ahead and join Neobux - it's worth a shot.



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