Neobux Recycling Tips - How to Use Neobux Auto Recycle and When to Recycle?

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Today we will be going over some recycling fundamentals for proper account management.

A lot of people think that they can make lots of profit from Neobux without recycling. That kind of thinking leads to improper account management. Even the admin of Neobux says that recycling aggressively is a surefire way to success. The fact is that people stop clicking, and they need to be replaced.

Neobux has a new feature called auto recycle where a referral is recycled for free if they do not click in 14 days. You should take full advantage of that feature, however, 14 days is too long of a period to wait. There are certain times when, if you feel for certain that a referral isn’t going to be profitable you should manually recycle that referral.

The exceptions to this rule are standard members. With the rate of 0.001 per click and the fact that recycling costs $0.07, you are prone to lose money if you recycle. As a standard member do not recycle, instead use auto recycle to your advantage.

When should you recycle?

The basic rule of thumb is recycle any referral whose average is less than 1.0 and has not clicked in 4 days.

Let's examine a few scenarios, and see what our course of action should be.

Neobux Rented Referrals
This referral is clearly an active clicker and profitable for you. We’d put a lock on this referral. A lock ensures that you cannot recycle a referral by accident.
Neobux Rented Referrals
This referral is also profitable. There is nothing you need to do at this point. However, if they stop clicking, you should monitor them closely.
Neobux Rented Referrals
Although active recently, this is clearly not a profitable pattern. Monitor this one, and recycle if not active within 4 days.
Neobux Rented Referrals
This one was only active one day out of the week. Not profitable. Recycle as soon as it reaches 4 days of inactivity.
Neobux Rented Referrals
This one is only somewhat profitable. Monitor this one. Recycle if average falls below 1.0, or not active within 4 days.

The key to having a high average is to constantly monitor your referrals, and develop a strategy based on how your referrals click. Your strategy should be based on these fundamental rules and the suggestions we give below.

Do we recycle referrals that used to be active? We find that it is always painful to part ways with a referral that used to be very active. Dedicated clickers are hard to find, but many of them stop being active or “take a break” from clicking.

If a RR has over 100 clicks total, recycle after 10 days of inactivity. If they are inactive for 14 days, the system will automatically recycle them anyways. Like the old saying goes, “used to bees don’t make honey.” If you are not profiting from them today, then are not useful to you.

Use auto-recycle to your advantage. If a RR has not clicked in a while, and is nearing the 14 day deadline, then let the system auto-recycle them. You should focus on manually recycling RR’s who have not clicked in 4 days to 10 days.

Recycle 10% at a time. An important rule for users of all levels to follow is to always have money in your rental balance. If you don’t have money in your rental balance, the money will be deducted from your main balance automatically. If you see a lot of inactive RR’s, you will be tempted to recycle all of them. If there are too many, don’t drain your funds, recycle 10% every day. If there are 100 inactive RR’s, recycle 10 of them every day.

Lock down good clickers. If you have a good clicker, use the lock feature to keep that referral from being recycled. Even if they are not active in a few days, chances are they will return to clicking. You can identify golden RR’s by monitoring their averages – if their average is 4.0 to 8.0, they are a golden member – never recycle them!

This concludes today's lesson on recycling rented referrals. These tips and tricks will help you get started to properly manage your referrals on Neobux.


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