1 Make Money With PTC's, A General Guideline To Earn With PTC's
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Clixsense Scam

Make Money With PTC's, A General Guideline To Earn With PTC's

By Admin on 12/27/2014 10:52 PM


How Much is Too Much?

Today I wanted to go over some basic pointers to making money with PTC sites. Is there such a thing as too many PTCs? Have a headache managing all these accounts? Chances are, if you have more than 10 PTC / GPT sites, you are doing too much. A good balance is 5 to 10 sites. We are all tempted, at one point or another, to join as many sites as possible, hoping to make a lot of money. But realistically, it is too much for one person to handle.

Several people have told me that at any given point, they have 20 to 30 PTC's that they surf daily. That is insane if you think about it! You're supposed to diversify, but this is not the way. Think about it, you have to have 20 different accounts, which means 20 usernames and passwords to memorize and keep track of. Also, you have to keep track of 20 different sets of referrals. Every PTC is different has their own rules and special features, which you also have to memorize.

And on top of that, you have click for hours every day just to earn a little bit of money. Having 5 to 10 sites that you use daily is the optimum number, any more than that is overload. You may have to "weed out" the lower quality websites and keep only the best ones. It is a tough decision, but we all have to do it. How many PTC's you use is completely up to you. If you can handle more than 10 and are making a lot of money from each one then congratulations, because you are succeeding. But that is usually the exception not the rule.

What Sites to Join?

Another big question we are confronted with is what sites to join? I'm not going to tell you in this post, as there are too many PTC's out there. But I know of a website that review PTC's and I recommend using them as research starting points.


PTC Investigation has been around for many years, and is known for their brutal honesty and unbiased opinions. If you want to find out which sites are scams and which are legit, then visit this site.

How to Avoid Scams

The scam rate for bux sites is high – it feels as if everyday, a bux site becomes a scam, and in the same day, another bux site is born. In this field, you need to take certain measures to protect yourself from being scammed. The good news is that when a site is becoming a scam, there are certain tell-tale signs that indicate as such. Usually these signs are pretty obvious, so we will list them out for you.

Signs of abandonment. If the admin does not answer questions on the forum, or if there are broken links or errors on the site, and they are not being fixed, these are signs of abandonment. Maybe the admin has given up on the site, so watch out for these signs.

Many complaints. If a site has many complaints against it, pay close attention, because the users are not happy. Use google to find out more information – we suggest typing the site’s name followed by the word scam. For example, try “onbux scam” – you'll never know if the results are what you expected.

Being picky with payments. If a site pays certain members, but does not pay others, that is a big red flag. It probably means they are running out of money, so they can only pay a small amount of members. Many bux sites rely on ads and upgrades for funds, and if the funds run out, then they will not be able to pay its members. If you have a pending cash out and have not received your payment yet, then send a support ticket and see what happens. Hopefully they are just having delays – but always expect the worst case scenario.

Problems with Paypal & Alertpay. The whole point of joining a new site is to cash out, right? Then what if you can’t, because the site is having problems with Papyal or Alertpay? If that happens, that is a red flag, an indication that the site is going downhill.

If you follow these guidelines and do your due diligence, then you can avoid scams and save yourself a lot of headaches. These tips are general guidelines on how to manage PTC's. To earn some real money online, get the Neobux Ultimate Strategy today.

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