Is Clixsense A Scam? My Review of this PTC Site...

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Is Clixsense a Scam?

More often than not, people search google to find out if Clixsense is a scam or not. Hopefully today's newsletter will help you make the right decision about this PTC Company. Clixsense was established in 2007, so they have a long track record, which is pretty good for any PTC.

The short answer is Clixsense is not a scam. In fact it has been paying its members since its inception. Over the years a lot has changed in the site in terms of layout and commission earnings, but all the changes only make the site better.

There was never an issue with delayed or missing payments. I myself have been paid several times by Clixsense with no problems. They pay you the Monday after you request your payment. So if you cashout on Friday you will receive your payment by the next Monday morning.

If at this point you still think that Clixsense is a fraud then you can search google for payment proofs.


Clixsense Scam


Why should you join Clixsense?

Now that we have gotten the facts out of the way, let's focus on why you should join Clixsense. You can earn from 8 levels of referrals, and there is no limit to how many you can get. You can earn up to 0.02 per ad even as a standard member, unlike Neobux, which gives you only 0.001 per ad.

You can upgrade your account for only $17 a year to earn even more money. Neobux charges you $90 to be a Golden member and $890 for Ultimate members. The Ultimate upgrade is a bit unreasonable and out of reach for most people. $17 is affordable for most people who are just getting start to making money online.

Clixsense offers cheap advertising packages for members and advertisers, they go for as low as $2.40 for PTC ads.

They also have this feature where you can track different campaigns of recruiting referrals. You can customize your referral link by adding extra fields to it, which allows you to track where your referrals come from. This is extremely useful for those who do massive advertising and wish to see which campaigns are delivering the best results.

There is also a feature called Clixgrid that allows you to earn more money. Basically, they give you a big picture that's divided into sections, and you click on a piece of the picture to see if you win a prize. Many PTC's have a similar feature, sometimes you can get lucky and win if you click on enough pieces.


Clixsense Scam


With all these features, you can already tell that Clixsense is not a fraud. In fact, Whenever I go on and click on ads, I usually see a Clixsense ad here and there. That's why I predict that Clixsense will continue to grow and become one of the best PTC's in the industry.


Are there any downsides to Clixsense?

Every PTC has its advantages and disadvantages, and Clixsense is no different. One downside is that you can't rent referrals. You can only get direct referrals, which is a challenging task for most people.

But, if you get the Neobux Ultimate Strategy, you can build a downline in Clixsense pretty quickly. To find out how to build a team of referrals, go to this link:


How does one make money with Clixsense?

You earn only 0.004 to 0.008 per referral click. But if you upgrade your earnings will double. Your referral clicks combined with your own clicks will get you money much faster. So the first key is to upgrade right away, it costs only $17 for the year.

$17 is nothing compared to the $90 upgrade in Neobux. If you wait to upgrade, you are losing money, you are only making half the money you could be making.

The second key is to build your downline fast. Get lots of 1st level referrals, and help your 2nd level referrals with their team. If you help them, they will stay around much longer. And your team will continue to grow without you.

You earn money from referral levels 2 to 6 through upgrades. There are also sign up commissions and commissions from tasks. These are just some of the many ways to earn from your downlines, you can go to their website to read more about it.


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Hopefully this article has helped you shed some light on what Clixsense is about. The only way to find out is to join the site and earn some cash. Stay tuned for more newsletters.



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