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A lot of PTC users have experienced this problem when they first started: which sites to join? It may seem trival for experienced users, since there are many resources available that rank PTC sites. But some people are still lost and confused as to which sites they should join.

So we are going to give you our list of the top performing PTC's in this newsletter. Of course, we're only going to list sites that we like, and have been paid by them. These are not ranked in any particular order.


Favored by millions of people, this is a classic PTC that no list can be complete without. What's unique about this one is that they let you earn from 8 levels of referrals, and you get a commission for referral upgrades. You can also make money from doing surveys and tasks.

Per click: up to 0.02
Referral levels: 8
Cash out: $8.00 members, $6.00



No list would be complete with this classic PTC that defined the industry. Founded in 2008, Neobux has been paying with no problems and has a user base of 20 million+ users. Earn cash by clicking ads, renting referrals and doing small tasks.

Per click: up to 0.01
Referral levels: 1
Cash out: $2, $3, $4...$10


At BuxP, you can get paid to view ads, watch videos, or like a facebook page. You can earn from unlimited referrals, get paid when they view ads or make a purchase. This site has been paying since 2008 so it's a safe and trusted site.

Per click: up to 0.01
Referral levels: 1
Cash out: $7.99 members, $5.99 upgraded


EasyHits4U is the #1 ranked traffic exchange in the world. They have over 1.2 million members and their member base is still growing. This site can bring you thousands of visitors, and you can earn credits by referring people to EasyHits4U

Traffic Exchange
Referral levels: 6
Cash out: $3.00


BitGold / Goldmoney
Goldmoney is an investing site where you invest in gold and watch your savings grow. You can refer your friends and earn up to $40.00 per referral sign up!

Per Sign Up: $0.20 to $40.00
Deposit via BTC, Paypal, Bank transfer and other options available
Cashout via Bank transfer or Prepaid Card


There are many other sites that could have made the list, but unfortunately we did not have the time to investigate them thoroughly. This list will be updated in the near future.

Just join these sites and earn some money :)


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